Yoga should be for everyone who wants it, and accessibility is essential to my teaching philosophy. I have taught yoga to youth at-risk, as well as people in recovery and in the judiciary system, and I’ve also been employed as a youth worker ever since graduating with my Bachelors in Social Work. I'm currently completing my Masters in Counselling Psychology.  I try to incorporate yoga in all aspects of my life professional and personal. 

I moved around a lot while growing up, so yoga has been a surrogate home for me since my early teens. Five years ago I mustered up the courage to take a yoga teacher training course and since then I have completed over 1000 hours of formal yoga training. 

When I was introduced to the Jivamukti method by my current mentor Tina Pashumati James, there was an immediate familiarity and I realized I had found my teacher and my path. I travelled to India to become certified in the Jivamukti method, and continued my Jivamukti study spending another 800 hours apprenticing with Tina at her studio in Whistler BC.

I do my best to keep up my study yogic texts, scripture and Sanskrit, my understanding of which I weave into my classes. It’s important to me to preserve the traditions of yoga as passed on to me by my teachers. I endeavour to make the old teaching relevant and applicable to modern life!