Tuesdays and Thursdays  8:30pm @YYoga Kits

Yin yoga is an inner practice of long held seated postures that release tension in the connective tissues of the body and increases flexibility. Guided mindulness practice supports us to look within and develop in awarenss. Yin calls on one to observe, allow and surrender to the sensations and emotions that are released from deep inside the body by staying connected to a deep breath, a steady mind and a courageous heart. Yin is suitable for all levels and a beautiful compliment to all styles of yoga.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).


Sundays October 21st to December 16th 2018.


This 9 week course is based on the stress reduction program developed by John Kabbatt-Zin at the University of Massachusetts. While originally developed for people experiencing chronic pain, this program has been found beneficial for people experiencing stress in a broad range of areas, as well as for those who are simply looking to show up more fully, and experience greater richness in life. Sessions will on Sunday evenings and are 2.5 hours each, with one 6 hour silent day of practice. A commitment to 30 minutes of daily home practice is required for optimal benefits.

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Private Meditation and Yoga Instruction


You provide the space, I provide the props and guidance! Perfect if you're new to meditation or yoga, prefer to work one on one, or are just looking to move deeper into your  practice. $120 for per session, $500 for 5, and $800 for 10.

Email me at sarahtrivettsarahtrivett.com to book.







A dynamic and challenging sequence of postures that synchronizes breath with movement in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility. These classes are heated to 32 degrees Celsius. Dress light and prepare to sweat. All levels welcome.




A set sequence of slow, held postures practiced in an environment heated to 40 degrees Celsius. Drink lots of water before and after class.  All levels welcome


Jivamukti (vinyasa)


Jivamukti is a physical, ethical and spiritual practice combing a vigorous vinyasa based yoga style with adherence to five central tenants: shastra (scripture), bhakti (devotion), ahimsa (non-harming), nada (music), and dhyana (meditation).